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A Little Northern Wisconsin Inspiration


Until about the age of 12 I spent my summers in a small “A”-frame cabin up in Spread Eagle, Wisconsin, with my four siblings and my Mom. Our Dad would drive up to join us on the weekends.

My days were spent stomping through the North Woods, digging in sand bluffs, tubing, water skiing, partaking in massive hide-and-go-seek games, and searching for fish, turtles, frogs, and all other sorts of creatures.

Out of these Summers I grew a great appreciation and fondness for our natural world.

I was fortunate to be able to share some of my experiences this past week with my wife, Megan, and son, Tommy.

Below are some photos of our trip.

Pine River Road Falls

Tommy and I standing in a 4 foot deep perfect circle carved out from the water; dead crawfish a plenty.

The small waterfalls are cool too!

Megan and Tommy next to a large slate outcropping.

The slate was perfectly smooth from years of water running across its surface.

He went down for a two and half hour afternoon nap when we got back. We figure we need to take him to waterfalls more often.

A huge birds nest on top of a power-line tower.

Heading Out Fishing

Wednesday, July 31st – 5:55 AM

Thursday, August 1st – 5:50 AM

Friday, August, 2nd – 6:00 AM

At the Cabin

Checking out the view.


Tubing with Mom

“Who is driving this thing?!”

Put in an erosion strip at the end of the driveway. Couldn’t help myself.

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