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Where to Buy Native Plants for Your Rain Garden

After expounding on the many ecological benefits that native plants have not just in rain gardens, but anywhere in the landscape, I received some enthusiastic responses from individuals wondering where they could find natives. Hmm…I hadn’t thought about that. Native … Continue reading

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Why Use Native Plants in Your Rain Garden: Six Years in Sixty Seconds

After my last post I received more than a few emails encouraging me to be a stronger advocate for the use of native plants in rain gardens. Well, alright then. This week I have condensed the past six years of … Continue reading

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Will a rain garden work for me? Part 1

Before you spend your time and money designing and installing a rain garden, you probably want to know if it is something that is even feasible with your location. Rain gardens are very adaptable, but there are three specific situations … Continue reading

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What is a Rain Garden?

When I tell people that I install rain gardens I am almost always asked the same question. “What is a rain garden?” Early on my answer was simple and repetitive. But after installing or consulting on over 25 rain gardens … Continue reading

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