Meet your Chicagoland Stormwater Storage Requirements with a rain garden!

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Where to Buy Native Plants for Your Rain Garden

After expounding on the many ecological benefits that native plants have not just in rain gardens, but anywhere in the landscape, I received some enthusiastic responses from individuals wondering where they could find natives. Hmm…I hadn’t thought about that. Native … Continue reading

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Different Types of Rain Gardens

The term “rain garden” is kind of a catch-all term given to different landscaping installations that involve capturing rain water. This can cause confusion in conversation, and can also create an issue with municipality permitting as they are not able … Continue reading

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Why you should not be using a Rain Garden Soil Mix

When I first began researching rain gardens I found that many of the designs involved excavating and removing on average about three feet of the existing soils and replacing it with an engineered soil mixture that usually included some specified … Continue reading

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Permanent and Seasonal Water Tables

The idea of a rain garden is that you are directing water to a location where it is detained and then soaks down into the soil. If that soil is already saturated you have nowhere for the water to soak … Continue reading

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Standing water indicators

You would probably be surprised how much you know that you don’t realize. I think that this is especially true with nature. Most of us have spent a fair amount of time outside playing in the mud, avoiding puddles, and … Continue reading

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