Meet your Chicagoland Stormwater Storage Requirements with a rain garden!

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50 Shades of Green: Sustainable Rain Garden Design

Follow me down the rabbit hole known as sustainability. The land where questions lead only to more questions. But fear not. Sustainability is not about finding definitive answers; it’s about equipping ourselves with the most current information and tools available … Continue reading

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Turf as an Overflow for your Rain Garden

I have been cutting grass since I was 12 and you could say I am a little partial to the stuff. Turf is often viewed as enemy number one by environmental conservation groups, but it isn’t the turf that they … Continue reading

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Hillside Rain Gardens

Sometimes we have limited options for where we can put a rain garden, and that may mean having to put the rain garden on the side of a hill. Although this location isn’t necessarily ideal, it also isn’t very hard … Continue reading

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Rain Garden Mulch Options

Mulch is a material put down over the soil to help prevent soil compaction, erosion, weeds, water loss, and frost heave. Mulch is an important part of any garden, but rain gardens add a little bit of difficulty with traditional … Continue reading

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Rain Garden Overflow Outlet

A rain garden should not be designed to capture the most rain that could ever fall from one storm. That would be like designing a restaurant for the most people that could ever go there on one night. Is that … Continue reading

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