Meet your Chicagoland Stormwater Storage Requirements with a rain garden!

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Rain Garden Conveyance

In most cases, your rain garden water source and your rain garden location will not be in the same spot. Conveyance, the process of moving rain water from your source to your location, can be one of the most challenging … Continue reading

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Determining your Rain Garden Dimensions and Plant Requirements

There is no one template for a rain garden design. Any garden that is designed to detain rain water and then soak it up with thriving plants and native soils within 48-72 hours is an excellent rain garden design. There … Continue reading

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Rain Garden Soils

From day to day I doubt many of us stop to think about soil. What an amazing thing, this soil, which lies bustling with life just under our feet. Ubiquitous and silent, soil has been here for thousands, sometimes millions … Continue reading

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How to Design a Rain Garden

The element that really sets a rain garden apart from most other forms of landscaping is the incorporation of rain water. But designing a garden whose primary design consideration is to detain rain water is not a new practice. In … Continue reading

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