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Drawing a Line in the Soil: Why Stormwater Professionals Fight Over Rain Garden Design

Want to have some fun? Lock an engineer, landscaper, hydrologist, and conservationist in a room and tell them they can’t leave until they agree on a rain garden design. Then sit back and enjoy the fireworks as these professionals devolve … Continue reading

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Rain Garden Soils

From day to day I doubt many of us stop to think about soil. What an amazing thing, this soil, which lies bustling with life just under our feet. Ubiquitous and silent, soil has been here for thousands, sometimes millions … Continue reading

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Why you should not be using a Rain Garden Soil Mix

When I first began researching rain gardens I found that many of the designs involved excavating and removing on average about three feet of the existing soils and replacing it with an engineered soil mixture that usually included some specified … Continue reading

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