Meet your Chicagoland Stormwater Storage Requirements with a rain garden!

rain garden maintenance spring clean up


Maintenance is paramount for a successful rain garden, just as it is for any other garden.

The maintenance required for a rain garden has a direct relationship to the design, proper site-preperation, and the use of mulch.

A rain garden will require most of its maintenance in the first and second year as the plants fill in.

Once these plants are established (usually by the third year) they will crowd out and suppress a majority of the weeds.

Typical maintenance for the first year includes watering, weeding, and either a Spring or Fall Clean-up.

The second year will require watering during drought, limited weeding, and either a Spring or Fall Clean-up.

By the third year and beyond watering may only be needed during extreme drought, weeding will likely be very light, and either Spring or Fall Clean-ups will be most of the work needed as the plants become larger.

I offer maintenance packages only for my own rain garden installations.

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