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Why Use Native Plants in Your Rain Garden: Six Years in Sixty Seconds

After my last post I received more than a few emails encouraging me to be a stronger advocate for the use of native plants in rain gardens.

Well, alright then.

This week I have condensed the past six years of my life spent devoted to the use of natives in rain gardens into a sixty second read.

And there is a quiz at the end.

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50 Shades of Green: Sustainable Rain Garden Design

Sustainable Rain Garden DesignFollow me down the rabbit hole known as sustainability.

The land where questions lead only to more questions.

But fear not.

Sustainability is not about finding definitive answers; it’s about equipping ourselves with the most current information and tools available to craft the best possible solution with the resources at our disposal.

When it comes to the sustainability of rain gardens, the two most important aspects to evaluate are your plant and soil choices.

In the following post I will go through the most common choices for both plant and soil selections, and how those choices are seen on the spectrum of sustainability.
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My Must-Have Rain Garden Tool: The $20 Water Level

Water Level
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Come See the Rain Garden Pioneers of Chicagoland This Week!

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Rain Garden Plant Profiles: Blue Flag Iris

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