Meet your Chicagoland Stormwater Storage Requirements with a rain garden!

Rain Garden Site Evaluation

Small Site Evaluation FormGardeners know all about planning.

A beautiful summer garden in full bloom was more than likely conceived in the dead of winter two years ago.

A rain garden is much the same in that its success is all about the planning that one puts into it.

The first step in this planning process is a thorough and thoughtful site evaluation, and is, in my opinion, the most important step.

Three things need to be evaluated and determined before you can begin to design and build your rain garden.
Your Water Sources
Your Water Source Calculations
Your Rain Garden Location

To help with this evaluation, I have included the form that I use to evaluate potential rain garden sites.

You can preview it below, and click here to download the PDF.

As you continue in this post series, you can follow along on this form with each topic.

The first step in your site evaluation is Locating you water sources.

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