Meet your Chicagoland Stormwater Storage Requirements with a rain garden!

Stormwater Ordinance and Storage Requirements

From Lake to Will County and all the villages in between, new stormwater policies are constantly coming into effect.

If your new construction or home renovation project has you swimming through 100 page BMP manuals and reeling from the large unexpected costs associated with stormwater detention, contact me to see if a rain garden could be your economical, low-impact solution to meeting these detention requirements.

I have had success meeting stormwater requirements with rain gardens at half the cost per gallon, on average, compared to the typical underground storage system alternative. My designs also maximize the aesthetics and functionality of the landscape for use by the homeowner; aspects that are not often considered in solutions developed solely from an engineering standpoint.

Kevin's Rain Gardens Stormwater Storage Services

Rain gardens exist at the intersection of multiple disciplines that, when blended effectively, can result in the best possible solution for all parties involved.

If you find yourself up against an unexpected stormwater ordinance and are interested in finding out if a rain garden is a possible solution for your stormwater detention or storage requirements in the Chicagoland area, please contact me.

Stormwater Storage